Lowongan Kerja AVP DBSI IBG UORM - DBS Bank

Date 13 Mei 2022
Company DBS Bank
City Indonesia | ID | ID
Tipe Kerja Full Time

Deskripsi Pekerjaan :

Selamat Datang di Situs Lowongan Kerja Terbaru 2022 dan Saat ini kami ingin memberitahukan Info Terbaru Lowongan Kerja dari Perusahaan DBS Bank dengan posisi AVP DBSI IBG UORM - DBS Bank yang dibuka saat ini. Jika Loker di Jakarta ini sesuai dengan kualifikasi kamu silahkan langsung mengirimkan lamaran melalui situs loker terbaru kami.

Memang setiap pekerjaan tidak lah mudah untuk di lamar karena harus memenuhi beberapa kualifikasi dan persyaratan yang harus kita penuhi sesuai dengan kriteria standar Perusahaan tersebut yang sedang mencari kandidat potensial untuk dapat bekerja. Semoga informasi lowongan kerja AVP DBSI IBG UORM - DBS Bank dibawah ini sesuai dengan Kualifikasi anda. Semoga Beruntung :D

Business Function Corporate and Investment Banking proes corporate customers with a full range ofmercial banking products and services, including cash management services, current accounts, time deposits, trade finance, working capital finance, term loans and foreign exchange. Through our continuedmitment, DBS has cultivated long-standing relationships with its customers in the region that are based on account relationship management, service differentiation, product development and rigorous credit standards.


Operational Risk Management

  • Ensure that our internal operationg procedures and support systems keep pace with the changing environment and are able to match customer expectation withoutpromising quality of risk governance.
  • Regular review of policy & gelines to ensure adequate control measures are in place.
  • Coordinate risk management issues.
  • Escalate significant issues to unit management.
  • Facilitate risk governance by driving the unit’s operational riskitte.
  • Promote risk & control awareness including conductiong operational risk training.
  • Enforce implementation of corporate operational risk policies/standards within unit.
  • Develop and enforce implementation of unit-specific operational risk policies/standards.
  • Monitor, analyze and report unit’s operational risk profile (including losses, CSA issues, KRI trends,pliance breaches, business continuity readiness or other significant issues) to unit management with proposed action plans to address issues.
  • Track issue/action plan arising from CSA, risk events, KRI, regulatory inspections or other inspections or other risk issues, and alert unit management of potential and/or actual past due issues.
  • Facilitate timelypletion of quality CSA, ensuring that proper action plans are established to address gaps.
  • Review and vaate risk events reported for factual accuracy, proper categorization of event, cause, effect, and ensure that proper action plans are estabilsed to correct and prevent event from recurring.
  • Manage IBGpliant towardspliance and process control issue.
  • Assist RMs to resolve any processes that are highlighted to be deficient in pertinent controls from Internal and Regulatory Audit.
  • Assist to review, update and lead IBG BCP, Pandemic Plan and Security issues.
  • Ensure operational risk issues areentified and mitigated for all processes that are redesigned.

NPA Champion

  • To implement unit specific pricedures and ensure that NPA proposals are prepared, signed-off and approved in an efficient manner.
  • To maintain and monitor unit’s NPA orkplan (where applicable) and ensure that all planned new products are developed and launched in a timely manner.
  • To ensurepleteness and quality in the information documented and to follow-up with the sign-off parties before an NPA proposal is submitted to the approving authority for final approval.
  • Toply with agreed resolution of issues and adhere to restriction imposed by sign-off parties.
  • To initiate or conduct Post Implementation Reviews (PIR) and, where applicable, follow-up on responses from sign-off parties.
  • To monitor the status of NPA proposals initiated via NPA register.

AML Champion

  • To represent IBG in AMLOC meetings.
  • To lead and implement the AML/CFT Procedures and ensuring these are in line with Indonesia AML/CFT laws & regulations and DBS standards.
  • To assist FCSS-AML to assess the impact of regulatory developments regarding AML CFT in IBG and to make rmendations where appropriate on measures to addresspliance gaps.
  • To assist FCSS-AML with the dissemination of AML/CFT related information within IBG.
  • To accept,entify, analyze potential suspicious financial transactions report from IBG.
  • To prepare potential suspicious transcation report for escalation to FCSS-AML
  • To assure that policies, procedures and other relevant regulations on implementation of AML/CFT program have been enforced effectively.
  • To monitor and review vaation processes, checklist and supporting documents during account opening process and/or unusual financial transaction related AML/CFT.
  • To assure that an approval of acceptance and/or refusal of account opening request or transaction, by a prospective customer, categorized as high risk shall be proed by the management officer (senior management).
  • To coordinate and monitor customer’s data updating process and to assure that such data updating has been reported to OJK (with the assistance of Compliance).
  • To track CDD reviews are carried out as per prescribed frequency within the stipulated time frame and report overdue CDD reviews to IBG management (including FCSS-AML) and/or Risk Comittees.
  • To proe inputs related with implementation of AML/CFT program to employees of relevant operational units or branch as required.
  • To monitor, analyze and rmend training requirements on AML/CFT program to employees at relevant operational units or branch to FCSS – AML team.
  • To assist FCSS-AML/CFT in co-ordinating the collection and collation of metrics proing management information on the status of IBG AML/CFT programme and to proe regular udpates to FCSS-AML/CFT using the data/metrics collected.

Fraud Champion

  • To raise the suspected fraud that occurs in BUmunicates it with Financial Crime & Security Services (FCSS).
  • To promote and develop fraud culture within BU.
  • To ensure rmendations from FCSS are implemented within BU.
  • To monitor the degree to which rmendations resulting from investigations by FCSS have been implemented within BU and take steps to ensure fullpliance.

Compliance Champion

  • To liase with Compliance for all regulations and disseminate the information/knowledge to IBG staff.
  • To update Key Obligations Register (KOR)
  • To raise anypliance issues and concerns and report any regulatory breach to Compliance in timely manner.
  • To drive and conduct investigation, for any regulatory breach in branches and prepare the necessary report to Compliance and RMG, including the mitigation and preventive action.
  • To drive and coordinate Control Self-Assessment (CSA)
  • To coordinate and ensurepliant in regulatory reporting process.
  • To promotepliance culture at all organizational level and business activity of the Bank.

Service Quality

  • To promo RM in pre and post sales activity.
  • To supervise and manage system support services and enhancement in collaboration with T&O partner.
  • To liase with other deparments for all problems arises.
  • To manage and resolve all pending documents for loan and account opening.


  • To contribute, monitor and manage projects which associated with IBG (e.g. BCAP, FATCA, etc.).
  • To assist in developing customermunication.
  • To maintain update information on the regulatory requirement.


  • At least 8 years experience in banking industry.
  • Understand operation and service aspects of the bank.
  • Understand various system used by the bank.
  • Bachelor degree from an acceptable tertiary institution.
  • Ability to learn quickly.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Project management skills with multiple units to enable timely delivery.
  • Able to understand, determine and articulate requirements to achieve goals.
  • Demonstrate initiatives for process improvements.

Primary Location: Indonesia

Job: Risk Management

Schedule: Regular

Employee Status:



Job Posting: May 12, 2022, 10:47:15 PM

Info Pekerjaan :

  • Perusahaan : DBS Bank
  • Posisi : AVP DBSI IBG UORM - DBS Bank
  • Lokasi Kerja : Indonesia
  • Negara : ID
  • Cara Mengirimkan Lamaran :

    Setelah Membaca dan telah mengetahui kriteria dan kebutuhan minimum kualifikasi yang telah dijelaskan dari info pekerjaan AVP DBSI IBG UORM - DBS Bank di kantor Indonesia diatas dengan demikian jobseeker yang merasa belum memenuhi persyaratan meliputi pendidikan, umur, dll dan memang merasa berminat dengan lowongan kerja terbaru AVP DBSI IBG UORM - DBS Bank, pada bulan May 2022 diatas, hendaknya secepatnya untuk melengkapi dan menyusun berkas lamaran kerja seperti surat lamaran kerja, CV atau daftar riwayat hidup, FC ijazah dan transkrip dan pelengkap lainnya seperti yang telah dijelaskan diatas, guna mendaftar dan mengikuti seleksi masuk penerimaan pegawai baru diperusahaan yang dimaksud, dikirim melalui link Halaman Selanjutnya di bawah ini.

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