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Info Terbaru Seputar Pekerjaan dari Perusahaan Association of Southeast Asian Nations sebagai posisi Health Officer. Jika Lowongan Kerja Sales di Jakarta ini sesuai dengan kriteria anda silahkan langsung mengirimkan lamaran / CV Terbaru anda melalui situs loker terkini dan terupdate Lokerindo.ID

Setiap pekerjaan mungkn tidak lah mudah untuk di lamar, karena sebagai kandidat baru / calon pegawai harus memenuhi beberapa kualifikasi dan persyaratan sesuai dengan kriteria yang dicari dari Perusahaan tersebut. Semoga info karir dari Association of Southeast Asian Nations sebagai posisi Health Officer dibawah ini sesuai dengan Kualifikasi anda.

Successful candidate will be offered a basic salary of IDR 16 835 950 and attractive remuneration package including monthly transportation allowance outpatient ...

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Health Officer

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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was founded in 1967 with the purpose of promoting regional cooperation in Southeast Asia, in the spirit of equality and partnership and thereby contribute towards peace, progress and prosperity in the region. ASEAN comprises ten (10) countries in Southeast Asia, with Timor Leste as its 11th member with an “Observer” status. It was proclaimed a community through the “Kuala Lumpur Declaration on ASEAN 2025: Forging Ahead Together,” signed by the ASEAN Leaders during the 27th ASEAN Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2015. The ASEAN Community Vision 2025 calls for the ASEAN Community in forging ahead together, and to work towards building a community that is politically cohesive, economically integrated and socially responsible.

The ASEAN Secretariat was established in 1976 by the Foreign Ministers of the ASEAN Member States with basic functions of providing greater efficiency in the coordination of ASEAN organs and for more effective implementation of ASEAN projects and activities. It is also envisioned to be the nerve centre of a strong and confident ASEAN Community that is globally respected for acting in full compliance with its Charter and in the best interest of its people.

In alignment with the ASEAN 2025 and Key Aspirations of the three pillars of the ASEAN Community, namely the ASEAN Political-Security Community, the ASEAN Economic Community and the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community, supported by the Department of Community and Corporate Affairs of the ASEAN Secretariat is inviting Indonesian Citizens or ASEAN Nationals who are already residing and eligible to work in Indonesia to apply for the position of Officer for the Health Division, ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Department.

Remuneration and Benefits:
Successful candidate will be offered a basic salary of IDR 16,835,950 and attractive remuneration package including monthly transportation allowance, outpatient medical reimbursement, hospitalisation & life insurance, annual bonus of a month’s basic salary, and gratuity. Subject to good performance during the probation, the candidate will be offered a fixed term contract of three (3) years, inclusive of the 6-month probationary period.

  • Primary responsibilities of the Health Officer for ASEAN Health Cluster 1 is in the context of the implementation of the Work Programme of the ASEAN Health Cluster 1 on Promoting Healthy Lifestyle and the broad functions and aims of the Health Division. The post for the Health Officer level for ASEAN Health Cluster 1 on Promoting Healthy Lifestyle will include responsibilities in supporting the programme management of seven Health Priorities with a total of fifty-one (51) regional activities. The list of responsibilities are shared below:

    • Assist in coordinating the ASEAN Health Sector cooperation based on the ASEAN Post 2015 Health Development Agenda 2021-2025, particularly on promoting healthy lifestyle, to include among others:
      • Follow-up and monitor the information management system for the specified Health Cluster, in consultation with the SOs and ADR of the Health Division; and subsequently compile data and other information relevant to health.
      • Maintain records and documentation of the activities, decisions, and initiatives of the cluster/sector in the development of the regional co-operation in health development matters.
      • Provide relevant information and data for the following:
        • preparation of background papers, reports, and other information materials
        • identification of required coordination and support in the implementation of programme and project activities
        • queries concerning with ASEAN social development cooperation concerns
      • Coordinate follow-up actions to decisions and agreements made at ASEAN meetings
      • Assist with project appraisal and approval processes based on existing protocols in ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN Health Sector.
    • Provide technical, programmatic and administrative support to the ASEAN Health Cluster 1, based on adopted/endorsed documents relevant to the ASEAN Health Sector. This is in the context of the preparations and conduct of meetings related to ASEAN Health Cluster 1, which include, among others, the following:
      • Pre-meeting:
        • Supervise the preparation and circulation of concept paper, agenda and programme schedule, and other relevant document
        • Prepare and distribute briefing notes and information papers, as assigned
        • Coordinate with the host country on substantive and logistic preparations for the meeting or the programme/project activity
      • During the meeting:
        • Present/provide information on relevant topics discussed by meeting
        • Assist the ADR and SO in preparing and sharing the presentations and drafting the meeting report and press release
        • Respond to requests/inquiries by DIR/ADR/SO during the conduct of the meetings or programme/project activities
        • Assist in rapporteur work in the meetings or programme/project activities
        • Represent the Health Division at meetings, as assigned and necessary
      • Post-meeting:
        • Assist in preparation of mission reports and follow-up actions
        • Coordinate follow-up actions, in consultation with the ADR and SOs
    • Assist in facilitating and coordinating with lead countries or partners in accelerating the implementation of Work Programme or Project activities under ASEAN Health Cluster 3. This includes but not limited to the following:
      • As appropriate, communicate day-to-day with lead countries in the preparation and implementation of planned activities based on the time frame of the Work Programme
      • As assigned, liaise with relevant stakeholders/partners (e.g. Dialogue and Development Partners, technical agencies/ institutions, funding agencies, private sector, academe, non-government organisations, etc)
      • Monitor the progress of accomplishments of Work Programme activities and subsequently document and report accordingly
      • Prepare, compile and maintain data/records of documentation of relevant matters for the ASEAN Health Sector cooperation
      • Assist in the preparation of progress and completion reports
      • Manage project funds as necessary or as assigned by supervisor
      • Maintain an information system on the overall financial status of projects
      • Arrange project logistics as necessary or as assigned by the ADR, SO or other supervisors
      • Conduct timely projects appraisal or approval for submitted proposals under the Health Officer’s purview
    • Perform other relevant tasks as may be assigned to the Health Officer.
    • Advanced university degree (i.e. Master or equivalent degree) in the disciplines of medical/clinical care; public health; health science; community health; social services or any appropriate related field; or Bachelor’s degree in any health-related disciplines or related to the aforementioned disciplines with a minimum two (2) years of work experience in programme and policy development and management in the relevant field
    • Demonstrated knowledge, experience, and research and technical skills in the relevant Health Priorities of the ASEAN Health Cluster 1 will be an advantage
    • Proven skills in problem solving in a complex organisational environment and in work planning
    • Demonstrated ability to develop, implement, monitor and review programmes and projects
    • Demonstrated ability to plan and organise tasks and work flows, with proven ability for accuracy under pressure and adherence to deadlines
    • Sound oral and written communication skills and strong interpersonal skills, including experience in cross-cultural environment and international settings
    • Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain sound working relationships with stakeholders
    • Demonstrated commitment to collaborative work practices
    • Competency in computer skills with adequate knowledge of Microsoft Office and Outlook where relevant to the position
    • Sound command of English, written and spoken.

Informasi Tambahan :

  • Perusahaan : Association of Southeast Asian Nations
  • Posisi : Health Officer
  • Lokasi : Jakarta
  • Negara : ID

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